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Stage 7 - Saturday 24 May 2008
By Dick and Pip Smith
May 24, 2008, 15:04

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We returned to Vladivostok

We flew back to Vladivostok via Seoul and were pleased to see the Earthroamer still parked securely in the Hotel’s car park. We spent the afternoon walking around the city. We went down to the main square and found a group of car enthusiasts displaying their cars, many with beautiful girls draped over them. There was music playing on the square’s stage with dancing girls moving to the music, wearing very little. The weather had become very cold (11°C) since we were here last week, so we stood and watched rugged up in our polar plus jackets.

We found a Ford F350 on display with airbrushed artwork over its body. We communicated with the young Russian driver and showed him a photo of our Earthroamer.
We found a Ford F350 on display - an unknown sister to our Earthroamer

We walked along the foreshore and visited a submarine that was mounted on dry land and opened as a museum.
Submarine we went inside
A proud Russian sailor

We noticed many young people dressed with sashes across their bodies and girls with big white ribbons in their hair. We asked a group of them if they spoke English and a lovely young girl answered yes. She explained that she learnt English at school, she and her friends were 17 years old and this was their graduation day from high school. They seemed very excited to speak to us and were keen to have their photos taken.
A beautiful girl in the crowd who spoke English to us
A group of students graduating today

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