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Saturday 4 October 2008
By Dick and Pip Smith
Oct 4, 2008, 12:03

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After we had arrived in Los Angeles at around 7.00am, we received the phone message to tell us our vehicle was still held up at Customs.  We hired a car at the airport and drove north up to Santa Barbara where we visited Paul Hogan at his new home.  It was raining and we enjoyed a cup of tea and a chat with Paul in his kitchen.  After an hour or so we headed off and continued up the coast on Highway 101. It stopped raining and the sun came out so we stopped at the grape/winery area of Los Alamos and had some lunch.  We continued up the coast and passed many vineyards and some areas where they grew vegetables.
Back onto the US Highways
Hills north of Santa Barbara
El Alamos
Mural on the restaurant garden wall
Grape vines


We stopped at Pismo Beach and walked along the waterfront, out onto the long jetty.   There were a number of people surfing the small waves beside the jetty and it was rather windy and cool.

American homes
Pismo Beach
A large American flag
People playing beach volleyball on Pismo Beach
A young seagull
Another seagull with Pismo behind
Dick and a friendly pelican
Eye to Eye with a pelican
Surfboard riders at Pismo Beach


It was only early afternoon however we were feeling tired so we decided to stay the night. We drove through the main village up to a motel on the cliff called Shelter Cove Lodge. There were many pelicans and other sea birds flying past the motel windows that looked out on the rugged rocky coast.



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