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Thursday 9 October
By Dick and Pip Smith
Oct 9, 2008, 11:44

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We got going at 7.50am and an hour later we stopped beside Peggy Sues 50s diner and made ourselves some breakfast.
We headed into the Californian desert
Peggy Sue's diner


We were travelling through the Mojave Desert with lines of trucks on Highway 15 north.

Very dry scenery in the Mojave Desert
Convoy of colourful trucks
Back in the land of trucks and mobile homes


The landscape was dry with strange desert plants growing beside the road at 4,600ft.
Arid zone
Strange desert plants


We found the steering was rough, so we pulled off the highway to check the tyres but they appeared OK.  It was windy and 85 F.
The highway stretched out straight in front of us


We crossed into the state of Nevada at Primm around 11.00am.

Primm, Nevada
Welcome to Nevada


Nevada has different gambling laws to other states so they allow casinos. Many hotels offer cheap food and accommodation to entice visitors to stay and gamble.
Signs advertising cheap food and accomodation
Coming into Las Vegas
An Aussie export


The highway wound its way past many of the famous hotels and casinos as we passed through Las Vegas.
Las Vegas casinos and hotels


We turned onto Highway 39 and headed for Ely at 12.08pm, stopping to make ourselves some lunch with the temperature at 91 F.
We headed towards Salt Lake City


The countryside was dry desert and we drove through Pahranagat Nature Reserve with many yellow wildflowers growing beside the road.
Desert plants


At Ash Springs we were at 3,600ft.
Ash Springs area


We drove through White River Canyon with old weathered rocks and Pip had a turn at driving.
White River Canyon
Pip driving
Dick driving


After stopping for a cup of tea, Dick let some air out of the tyres and this made the vehicle travel much smoother on the road.
We stopped to let some air out of the tyres


We passed an old windmill at Lund and arrived in the town of Ely.  We drove down to the railway stations but it was closed.  We then we realised that we had passed through another time zone change, so it was later than we thought.
An old windmill reminded us of home
Boys in football gear ran in front of us in Ely


We visited a local supermarket and got some fresh groceries before we found the local KOA campground and settled in for the night.
Pip collecting emails


Total today 447 miles (719 kilometres)


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